Thena Pants Black 279935


This Is April Celana Panjang Wanita Thena Pants Black 279935
Celana panjang detail model kulot dengan bahan katun lembut dan terdapat garis jahitan di bagian tengah dan
terdapat kantong di bagian kanan kiri , pinggang karet di bagian belakang cocok di gunakan untuk acara formal
dan non formal.
279935 Thena Pants Black
Waist / Lingkar Pinggang : Back Stretch up to 108 cm
Hips / Lingkar Pinggul : 116 cm
Thigh / Lingkar Paha : 64 cm
Rise / Pesak : 30 cm
Length / Panjang Celana : 96.5 cm

Thena Straight Leg Black Pants – 279935
– Fabric : Cotton
– Available color: White, Black & Brown
– Not lined
– Non sheer
– Material has no stretch
– functional Side Pockets
– Elastic waist at back

Work pants are a staple you cant do without, and the Thena is a great addition to your wardrobe!
Its sleek, straight-cut and comfortable, and will look smart when worn with a blazer. If youre
wearing it for casual outings, simply pairing it with a tee will also make you look pretty put together.


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