By This is April
April 12, 2019

(Image sources by Pinterest, edited by This Is April's Team)

Instagram is our world nowadays, it become our greatest source of information and influences. People are eager to be Instagram savvy and good OOTD hold an important role. 

However a good picture of OOTD can be a little tricky. I found my friends and I took a long time to get those so-called perfect pictures, but at the end the results were still bad. 

Based on my observation, I eventually found out the main reason why the picture failed is because of our own wrong thoughts that we are not good enough, not pretty enough, not photogenic enough.

I will share some tips that have helped my friends and myself to produce awesome OOTD pictures. 

Be Confident

First thing first, have a positive mindset about yourself and be confident. One thing you should know is that "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" And thank God we now live in an open-minded era where everyone is beautiful and unique. No more ultimate-perfection look, whether you are skinny or chubby, bright or dark skinned, freckles or acnes, short or tall, etc. So don’t worry too much and be confident. 

Get To Know Yourself Physically

Secondly, you have to know yourself physically. Take lots of pictures at home to know which angle is best for you. Whether it’s your left side or right side. You also can try a pose by lifting your chin up, then tilt your head a little, calm, composed, hands in pockets or hold something, sit or stand, look up or down, look left or right, with no smile or smile like someone is calling you. Learn and take notes of the results. 

Learn From Your Favorite Influencers

I assume you all have your own favorite influencers. Observe how they took their pictures and how they posed. They already know the "How to" because they’ve been practiced lots of time. However not everyone can rock every poses, so if you tried and you still looked awkward, probably the pose is not for you and try another pose.

Practice, practice, and practice!

In the end, it’s all about practice. Trial and error needed. You have to take those awkward, dreadful, unflattering photos to know what works best for you.

Another tips, when you ask someone to take your OOTD picture, don’t forget to tell them to take lots of pictures, because "less is more" doesn’t quite work in this situation. The more pictures you take the more chances you may have to get your perfect picture. 

So, are you ready to snap your OOTD?


Written by Grace Julia