By This is April
April 5, 2019

The world seems to end when we experience a break up. Especially when we really love that person, then moving on seems to be impossible. Some people take a long time to recover from their sadness. It could take years! What a waste of time.

That’s why overcoming a break up is one of the most important things in life. Hopefully these tips can help:

Talk About It

Do you know that there’s one effective way to relieve stress to make you feel better? It’s to talk it out, let it out, cry it out. Find someone you can trust and is supportive towards you, like your family or your closest friends. If you feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to, this is what I did: I set up my phone camera and started talking to myself. I never planned to post the video that I recorded, but I realized that saying things out loud really helps.

Practice Gratitude

I know break ups can be really challenging. But what if this break up was good for you? There’s a saying, “There is always a reason for everything that happens,”. All those negative feelings like fear, sadness, anger, and depression that came after break up, cast those away with gratitude. It’s not easy, but just do it anyway. Feel grateful about the little things that sometimes we take for granted, such as grateful for being alive, have families and friends who love us, have a job to go to, and being able to take a relaxing morning coffee before your day begins.

“Life is a lesson and your ex are your teachers. Sometimes it’s your deepest pain, which empowers you to grow into your best self.”


Yes, socialize! Even when you don’t want to. I understand that not everyone has a lot of friends and the idea of facing a large group of people seems too depressing. That’s why you can start with people whom you feel most supportive and comfortable with, whether it’s your family or friends, just spend time with them, get out, and relax. Laugh your life a little.

Dress Up!

Dress like you’re going to see your ex, EVERYDAY. For you ladies, I know when you’re in a post heartbreak stage, the last thing you want to do is put make-up on and wear something nice.

However, dress up is related to self-love. So put on your best outfits, take longer time to put make up on, because when you look good, it gives you back your confidence like you are ready to face anything.

And FYI, make sure you look your best if you accidentally meet up with our ex, and especially when he’s with another woman. Ouch!

Written by: Grace Julia