By This is April
February 21, 2019


Welcoming the year 2019, I spent my 31th December reflecting on things that I have gone through, the mistakes I did and things I learned which eventually makes me a better ME.

To my surprised, I realized that I spent most of my time unproductively, because I worried so much. Sure, 2018 is not an easy year for me, I had to face some challenges in my personal life and in business. My dad got stroke, I had to deal with my own health issue, my daughter entered secondary school, which meant that she is in her “teenager phase” and I had to deal with lots of changes in her attitudes.

In business world, sure we managed to open up some more stores (Thank God and my team), however as more stores opened meant more responsibilities and more people to be built and manage. I love my team, we are where we are because of “all of US”, however to make sure everyone has the same visions, values, and work ethics are a big challenge for me. I was faced with unpredictable situations too, which forced me to make the best, but uneasy decisions for the whole company.


My mistakes were I let my problems (challenges) dragging me down. I worried over things that 80% will not happen, yet I let them steal my peace, joy and definitely my enthusiasm, confidence and creativity.  I realized that sometimes the problem that we had to face at that time seems BIG because our own WRONG thoughts.
At the end of the year, when I flashed back, some problems were solved easily, some took longer time, but one thing for sure 80% I was worried about never happened.
I learned my lessons, I will definitely worry less in 2019, and I will TRAIN my mind to think positive instead of negative, I will focus on the things that I have, people that want to grow together and one vision with me, I will face whatever challenges bravely and last I will count every little blessing in my life and be grateful.
Thanks for reading my first story in 2019, and thank you all for being supportive to our Brand, and I wish you guys an amazing year cause’ I believe mine will.


Maria Anggraini